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Ann W.|Waller, TX

$30-75/hr 10 yrs exp

Certified Teacher With Decades Of Experience Offers Inspired Tutoring In W. Houston And Online

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**Experienced and Engaging Online Tutoring Also Available** I have offered online tutoring to my students for years. It serves us well for when they are ill, out of town, or when I need to help them remotely with their technology. I can help you now - safely - in the comfort of your home. I am a certified 6-12 grade math teacher with classroom teaching experience, computer programming experience, IT management experience, adult training/professional development experience, and over 30 years of private tutoring experience. I have amassed a wealth of insight into the nuances of learning. My experience has shown me how to help make any content interesting and meaningful to the person with whom I am working. It has provided me insight into the most troubled learners, which allows me to help them in effective and promising ways. I empower students to become creative, curious, and independent problem-solvers. Let's talk about how I can help you and your learner.
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Reviewed by Eric L. 5/5 stars
Ann is really wonderful! She has been working with my daughter for about 4 months now, and it is very clear to me that she is a kind and caring teacher who has obviously been very successful working with kids for a long time. I know my daughter can be stubborn, but her self-confidence and pride has really grown just in this short amount of time in working with Ann. The positive results speak for themselves, and we plan to continue working with Ann until my daughter finishes her academic career.
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Hiring a tutor is a great option for students who need extra help getting ahead in a course or hands-on learning for test prep. Finding the right tutor at an affordable rate shouldn't have to be complicated. Compare tutor profiles, read reviews from past students or parents, and search by experience or rates to find your perfect match.

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How much will it cost to hire a tutor?
If you're looking to hire a tutor for your kids or yourself, the cost will depend largely on what tutoring subject you choose. As a reference, the national average rate for tutors on Care.com is $16.50 per hour as of August 2020.
How can I find a good tutor?
To start your search on Care.com, review profiles for the different tutors in your area and contact those that fit what you are looking for. You will find a description for each tutor sharing details about the subjects they teach, their experience teaching different grades, tutoring kids of different ages, and the services they provide. You can also post a job describing what you need and have the tutors to contact you through the site.
What type of tutors can I find on Care.com?
You will find tutors for almost every grade and subject on Care.com. There are tutors specialized in college subjects, high school, elementary school and even kindergarten. The most popular subjects include math, English, reading, foreign languages, chemistry, and music lessons. We suggest sorting through each tutor's profile to learn about their previous experience with students and the specific subjects that they teach to find the one that fits your individual needs.
How can I prepare for my first session with a tutor?
Before your first session with a new tutor, sit down and do a little preparation so you or your child can get the most out of your tutoring experience. Whether you're studying for a specific test or trying to bump up that math grade, it's important to not only communicate your learning goals and expectations to the tutor, but also to bring up the specific areas you or your child need help with.